A glimpse into the past.
A better understanding of the present.

Explore Kentucky’s diverse African American heritage at a variety of attractions around the state. Tour museums, historic areas, schools, cemeteries and Civil War camps. You’ll even find yourself at iconic Kentucky spots like Churchill Downs and Mammoth Cave, all with incredible stories to share.

3 Days Uncovering the
Past In and Around Lexington

Kentucky is full of stories of courage, ingenuity and challenge. Some taught in schools for generations, others still largely unknown. When you’re ready to start uncovering them, Lexington is a great place to start your journey – and a trio of attractions just a short drive away make for three fascinating days of exploration.

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3 Days Immersed in the
‘Greatest’ History around Louisville

Stories uncovered. Legends preserved. Heroes made.

Kentucky’s rich multicultural history celebrates them all, and Louisville is a perfect home base for a journey of discovery to explore them all – from the untold to the unforgettable.

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5 Days Journeying Through
Kentucky Culture & History

Kentucky’s diverse history is full of stories. Stories of courage, ingenuity and challenge. Stories of African Americans who were explorers and pioneers – not of new lands, but of new ideals. Stories from the untold to the unforgettable.

You can relive them and discover new ones on a weeklong tour of the state’s historically significant multicultural attractions. And when each day’s exploration is through, a winning mix of top-notch hotels, restaurants and other attractions will help create your own cherished vacation stories for years to come.

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